AC Repair And Duct Work Issues To Consider During Cooler Months

When you contact our Mr. Wilson Heating & Air Conditioning our experienced technicians will come out to inspect, assess and repair your air conditioner, inspect the compressor, evaluate the circuits and examine the evaporator. This is important during the autumn months. A high-quality air conditioner can significantly mitigate the effects of dust and mold. Sometimes issues we observe are fixed with a simple AC repair. Common issues are the unit may not managing the level of humidity, duct work imperfections or damage, thermostat issues. All of these issues can be fixed or replaced to help optimize the quality of indoor air, reduce energy costs and improve the flow of air.

Performing Inspections and Completing Necessary Repairs

Throughout the summer months, many air conditioners continuously operate in San Antonio, and gradually, some components may become worn. While our technicians inspect an air conditioner, we could examine the filter, the thermostat, the fuses and the capacitor. Our specialists can also evaluate the coils that allow the evaporator to function. When a system contains a defective evaporator, the air conditioner may provide warm air, or the homeowner could notice a leak, unusual noises and corrosion that may affect the coils.

If an air conditioner requires new components, our specialists can indicate the cost of each part, describe the benefits of the components, and estimate the duration of the process. When our experts install new components, the parts can substantially improve the performance of the unit, reduce indoor humidity, and optimize the comfort of the residents.

Reducing the Effects of Microorganisms

Many reports have indicated that high levels of humidity can stimulate the growth of microorganisms, and if a home contains humid air, a virus could easily spread throughout the house. Sometimes, humidity can also allow mold to generate extra spores. Eventually, these spores could become attached to various objects, and the spores may exacerbate chronic inflammation, affect the immune system, increase the risk of asthma and cause multiple symptoms.

When an air conditioner is operating, the device can significantly decrease the level of humidity within the home, and the system could cause the air to circulate. By reducing the effects of stagnant air, the device may also prevent microorganisms from accumulating within the residence. Consequently, an efficient air conditioner can considerably decrease the risk of infections, improve the quality of indoor air and reduce the levels of spores.

Evaluating the Units and Improving the Performance of Each System

In November 2020, our experts will inspect many heating systems that may require repairs, and once the temperature drops to 60 degrees Fahrenheit, most customers will activate their indoor furnaces. When we perform an inspection, our specialists can evaluate the heat exchanger, the motor, the humidifier and the thermostat. The technicians could also examine an electric ignition or a pilot light, and if we install new components, the high-quality parts can significantly decrease energy costs.

Each furnace contains bearings that allow the motor to function, yet if the bearings become worn, a homeowner may notice unusual noises that emanate from the furnace. Generally, worn bearings could also affect the performance of the motor, reduce energy efficiency, and affect the flow of air.

Examining the Units During the Autumn

If an air conditioner requires repairs, a homeowner should immediately contact our business, and an AC repair technician can inspect each component, provide an estimate and complete the AC repair. When an air conditioner contains defective components, the parts could gradually deteriorate during the winter months, and if a homeowner does not contact an expert, the air conditioner might require additional repairs in the spring.

Inspecting the Air Ducts and Improving the Quality of Indoor Air

According to many reports, more than 80 percent of homes feature air ducts that contain substantial amounts of dust, and sometimes, dirty air ducts could stimulate the growth of bacteria. If the air ducts contain high levels of microorganisms, the system could consistently cause the airborne microorganisms to circulate within the home.

Once our experts examine the air ducts, the technicians can install cutting-edge devices that could effectively purify the indoor air. These products can help eliminate a virus, fungi, many types of bacteria and airborne spores. Typically, the innovative devices could also decrease odors, minimize levels of volatile organic compounds, reduce the number of bacteria and prevent mold. Consequently, the advanced products could reduce the risk of asthma, mitigate the effects of allergens and decrease chronic inflammation.

Evaluating the Compressor

When we complete an AC repair, our experts can thoroughly inspect the compressor, which is a component that pressurizes the refrigerant. The compressor will allow refrigerant to circulate within the coils, and if the component is malfunctioning, a homeowner may notice excessive moisture, unusual sounds or thermal overload. Moreover, a defective compressor could significantly increase operating costs.

Adding a High-Quality Filter

If an air conditioner contains a clogged filter, it may reduce the efficiency of the system, increase energy costs, and affect the performance of other parts. During the summer months, dust could gradually accumulate within the air filter, and typically, the dust may contain high levels of microorganisms.

When we provide fall AC service, our technicians can quickly replace the filter, and the new filter could substantially improve the flow of air, optimize the quality of indoor air and reduce levels of allergens. The efficient filter can also prevent dust from accumulating within the air ducts, and the component may significantly reduce energy costs.

Installing a New Thermostat

Several reports have suggested that more than 20 percent of air conditioners have defective thermostats. When a thermostat malfunctions, the component could periodically deactivate the unit, or while the system is operating, the air conditioner may frequently cycle. If we complete an AC repair, our technicians can inspect the component, install a new thermostat and test the high-quality part. Once you customize the settings, the device could quickly modify the temperature within the room, and the thermostat could automatically activate the air conditioner.

Eliminating Leaks and Replacing an Air Conditioner

If an air conditioner is leaking, the unit might not cool the interior of a home, and the defective component could prolong each cycle. Moreover, the level of humidity may increase within the home, or ice can accumulate on the coils. Sometimes, debris could clog the drain line, and corrosion can weaken the component. If the drain line is malfunctioning, the homeowner may notice multiple leaks.

When we offer fall AC service, we can search for components that are leaking, and the AC repair technician could examine the drain line, the drain pan and the air filter. Once we determine the cause of each leak, we may replace certain components, remove excessive dust and optimize the performance of the unit.

Choosing Our Company’s Services and Receiving a Free Estimate

If you would like to learn more information about our services, you should contact Team Wilson, and our experts could schedule an appointment, offer a free quote, perform an inspection and examine the air ducts. When we provide system replacement services, our representatives could also help you to compare multiple air conditioners. Once we install a cutting-edge system, we can test the unit, describe the available warranty, customize the settings and answer your questions.