What Home Owners Need To Know Before Running AC Systems Hard During The Summer

Summers in San Antonio are often very long and brutal with intense hot and long dry spells. Local residents must seek relief from the heat indoors through air conditioning. If you are like other homeowners, you may turn on your AC system as early as March during very warm years, and you may run your system almost daily until September or beyond. You understandably rely on your air conditioner to provide you with reliable results throughout these very warm months for comfort. In some cases when temperatures are extremely high, the health and safety of you and your loved ones is at stake through your reliance on the AC system. Before you turn on your air conditioner this season and run the system long and hard, consider the system’s needs for AC repair and preventive maintenance.

How Your HVAC System Affects Home Safety

There are many common AC issues that can negatively affect your health and the health of anyone in the home, and your AC repair technician can assist with fixing these issues. For example, a common AC issue relates to dirty components in the AC unit. As your system runs regularly, air from the home circulates throughout the system. Everything from dust and dirt to pet dander, bacteria, viruses and even mold spores can collect in the components, and they may be contaminating your San Antonio home’s air conditioner. When you turn on the AC, these particles that have collected in the AC unit can stream throughout the home. They can cause respiratory conditions, skin conditions and more. Through AC repair and preventive maintenance services, these components can be cleaned or replaced so that you have a healthier home environment.

Common AC issues that affect your health and safety also include faulty wires and connections in the unit. You may immediately notice the smell of smoke or a general electricity smell when you turn the system on. This is a sign of a potential issue that could ultimately result in injury to your loved ones as well as damage to your home. Preventive maintenance service can identify these pending issues before you turn the system on for the first time, and AC repair can fully resolve the issues to keep you and your loved ones safe in your home.

The Impact of Your HVAC System on Energy Consumption

AC repair and maintenance is about more than health and safety. It can also influence energy consumption. As discussed, common AC issues deal with dirty system components. This dirt and debris can also line the air ducts and air filters. Essentially, the debris creates a blockage in the system that decreases air flow. This forces your system to work harder than it otherwise would have to in order to keep your home cool. By working harder, more energy is used, and your energy bills can skyrocket. Simply replacing your air filter regularly can drastically reduce your home’s energy bills. Periodic cleaning of the ducts and system components through preventive maintenance is also important. By dealing with this common AC issue before the warm weather season begins, you can save money throughout the summer and beyond.

The Cost Savings From Preventive Maintenance

AC repair bills can be expensive, and many homeowners fear having to pay for repairs to their system this summer. You may be aware of issues with your air conditioner from last year. For example, your system may have barely been keeping your home cool at the end of last summer, or perhaps it was making an unusual sound. You may have put off making a repair until this year. The reality is that running a system that is in poor condition can strain other components in the system that have to compensate for the damaged components. This can lead to even more repairs as well as additional energy consumption. In many cases, it is best to call a San Antonio AC repair technician to your home at the first sign of an issue. It is even better to schedule preventive maintenance. This is because preventive maintenance can identify issues before you are even aware of them, and this can keep repair costs as low as possible while also preventing energy drain.

Many homeowners do not realize that AC preventive maintenance is recommended for their systems. Others may be aware of this recommendation but may want to avoid the cost. The reality is that your AC system is a mechanical item, just like your car. You must service your car regularly, such as through oil changes, transmission services and more, if you want to keep repair issues at bay and maximize its life. This is the same with your AC system. When this system is properly cared for by seeking repair and maintenance services as needed, you can ensure that it operates with peak efficiency, and you can reduce repair issues.

When you live deep in the heart of Texas, you simply need access to a functional air conditioner for most months of the year. A quality AC system is not a luxury in this area of the country; it is a true necessity. However, a poorly maintained AC system can impact your health and safety as well as your budget. If your home’s AC system has not been serviced recently, schedule service with your local technician now before you begin running the system long and hard this summer.