Mr. Wilson Heating And Air Conditioning 2020 Fall & Winter AC System Preparation Considerations

Almost no one likes surprises unless they occur at birthday parties, and they may not please everyone even then. You can make sure that your AC system does not spring an unpleasant surprise on you at the end of summer as fall temperatures start to drop. While it has provided the wonderfully cooling air that got you through the San Antonio heat in comfort, it must produce equally necessary warmth for the coming months. Our Fall AC Service can make sure that your system gives you reliable performance and no surprises.

Switching from Cooling to Heating

The transition between seasons requires your system to cool your home when the temps reach as high as 95 until October. When the nights get colder, your heater must kick on to convert the 50-degree chill into a warm living space. Seasonal fall service can prepare your system to handle temperature swings as it begins to run heating and cooling elements safely and efficiently. A thorough service by an AC repair technician can detect problems that may affect your system’s performance when you need it the most.

Moderate temperatures at this time of the year in Texas make fall an ideal time to schedule a service call. As the transition from summer to fall allows you an opportunity to prepare for temperature swings, you can gain peace of mind about the efficiency of your system. A day that requires neither heating nor cooling offers the best time to find out if you need an AC Repair to keep everything running in top condition. The transition between seasons offers an opportunity for a system replacement. Better by far to assess the situation when you do not need it than when you do.

Regular preventive maintenance can prevent the loss of as much as 5 percent of efficiency, help control energy bills, extend the life span of your HVAC equipment and ensure you of uninterrupted operation. The early identification of potential mechanical difficulties may let you avoid the expense of more significant problems. Benefits include letting you avoid the inconvenience of downtime and the frustration of a system that does not work when you need it for family and guests.

Even if a trained, licensed and bonded AC repair technician finds nothing wrong, a fall system check ensures its efficient operation as the weather changes during the coming months. Aside from the need for comfortable temperatures in your home, you may consider a safety aspect as well. Seasonal maintenance of your heating system can detect leaks and identify potential safety issues that may occur from lack of use during the summer.

Your HVAC attracts little attention as it quietly cools or warms your home, but it requires periodic maintenance to continue its near round-the-clock performance. Our AC Repair service can put your system into excellent condition when a problem occurs, and we offer maintenance contracts for periodic inspection. By detecting a performance issue and addressing it early on, you can preserve the integrity of your system and avoid costly repairs.

Maintaining Indoor Air Quality

Aside from offering a comfortable environment for family and friends, your HVAC system governs the quality of the air in your home. When you think about every breath that everyone takes must pass through your system, you can realize the importance of maintenance to air quality. Months of cooling your home in the intense San Antonio heat exacts a toll on your system’s motor and moving parts. Over the warm months when you use the system every day, it collects dust and air contaminants that tend to reduce its efficiency and diminish air quality. When you schedule service, it prepares you to go into the cooler months with confidence in providing the care that your system needs. Some manufacturers insist on regular maintenance by an AC repair technician to keep warranties in effect.

As everyone tends to spend more time indoors during the cooler months, it makes the assurance of air quality even more essential. More contaminants than you may realize can exist in your home, and you can find them everywhere. The lovely pets that bring so much joy to a home shed dander, and pollen in the air can make breathing difficult for many people. Mold and mildew contribute to low air quality, carpets and paints emit fumes and perfumes can affect the quality of the air that you breathe. Inattention to the effects of air particles on a system can lead to a need for AC Repair that service may help prevent.

While air impurities occur through normal use in almost every home, they can accumulate on the filter in your HVAC system and affect its performance. A reduction in airflow can create excessive humidity during the muggy and oppressive weather that lasts through the end of October. Not an occurrence that you want to envision, dampness can encourage the growth of mildew and mold inside your HVAC system that supplies air to every room. The transition from one season to another provides a perfect opportunity to schedule a Fall AC Service to make sure that you have a reliable system in perfect working order. Periodic maintenance at regular intervals through the year can detect and repair problems and help delay the need for a system replacement.

Taking Care of Equipment on Time

As the weather brings cooler days and a relief from the scorching heat, thoughts of preparing your central air and heating system for the fall may seem far from your mind. HVAC systems fail much less often or never when they receive regular maintenance. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends it as a practical way to extend the life of your equipment and keep it running smoothly. Benefits of Fall AC Service include improved indoor air quality and efficiencies that save energy.

The early days of fall that do not require you to use the system provide an excellent opportunity for service and any AC repair that it may need. Our technicians give HVAC systems a thorough inspection and perform services that ensure superior performance. Each HVAC system receives attention to these areas:

  • Thermostat

    We perform a check of your thermostat settings that allow it to produce the cooling and heating that suits your preferences during the hours that you spend indoors and saves energy costs while away.

  • Electrical Connections

    We measure the current and voltage of your motors and check each electrical connection to ensure safe operation and extend the life of your HVAC system.

  • Condensate Drain

    A plugged drainpipe in your central unit, furnace or heat pump can cause a backup that may overflow and damage your walls.

  • Evaporator and Condenser Coils

    Dirty coils curtail a system’s ability to function effectively by making it run longer, use more energy and shorten the life of the equipment.

  • Refrigerant

    We adjust your system’s refrigerant level to the precise point that allows it to work efficiently.

  • Blower Components

    The airflow depends on clean and properly adjusted blower components, and improper adjustments can lower efficiency by as much as 15 percent.

  • Controls

    We check all controls to make sure they operate correctly and safely in starting, running and shutting off.

We understand the inconvenience that you experience when you bring a technician into your home, but we respect your property and privacy. Our policy requires us to arrive on time, work quietly, clean up after ourselves and make sure that your equipment runs perfectly. We take pride in providing top-notch service, repairs or a replacement that can give the performance that you expect and deserve.