Regular AC Service Saves Money

How does regular AC service save money?

A lot of our long time customers can attest to the financial benefits of regular AC service and repairs. A high quality long lasting energy efficient AC system could cost over $20,000 per unit. When you invest in equipment like this it’s imperative that you consider the lifetime savings when your new install is paired with warranties and service plans.

How are service plans beneficial?

Service plans ensure your system is checked and repair at least twice a year in each major season. Safety of your family is assured especially when dealing with gas systems. Our technicians ensure your heating and cooling systems are both safe and functioning efficiently. As we find small items in need of repair they are fixed with your permission. This helps avoid small issues turning into larger problems.

Should a newly installed system be serviced regularly?

Yes. New systems are not perfect. In fact, regular service could catch warranty covered issues within the warranty period; thereby saving you money.

If I can’t afford a new system can the old one be repaired?

This depends on the extent of the problems. Our technicians will help you decide what repairs are within your budget that will keep the system functional. Please understand that while we try our best to repair before replace, there is a lifespan to equipment. Older models encounter parts shortages and safety concerns as equipment wears out.